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fandom_in_color's Journal

the panfandom coloring book
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Fanart is fun. Fanart you don't have to color in yourself? Even more fun. This community is for black-and-white lineart of all kinds, featuring characters from any fandom you care to name. We'll be having challenges on both the drawing and coloring-in ends, and if things work out, maybe we'll even put together a real coloring book.

So bust out the black pens and the Crayolas, kids, and get cracking!

Ground Rules:

1. All coloring pages must be in black and white, and posted behind a cut. Only blank coloring pages can be posted directly to the community.

2. However, we'd love to see what you do with those pages once they're posted. Anyone is free to download or print any page posted here, and to color it either by hand or on their computer. I'll make a weekly post where anyone can leave a comment linking to their colored-in masterpieces.

3. The pages you submit can be in any style you like-- static poses, close-up portraits, action scenes, anything. The only requirement is that they be fanart: that is, pictures of existing characters or places from a media property, be it book, comic, film or TV.

4. Submissions can be as racy as you like, but if your coloring page contains adult content, you must say so in the description. MPAA ratings are the easiest way to do this-- G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17. If you are under the age recommended for that rating, please do not click on the cut.

5. Artists posting images have the right to decide how they want their art to be used. If they say you can only download and color, not copy or distribute, please abide by their wishes. I recommend Flickr for image hosting, since they allow you to upload very hi-res images even with a free account, and they make it easy for you to release your art under a Creative Commons license.

6. Have fun!


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